Giudoku Official Site
Some time ago, I discovered the Euler project and registered to it.
Up to now, I solved 77 problems, and I decided to share the most interesting solutions (mostly in Python) with the world.
Click on a number to show the code and a brief description.

DISCLAIMER: I don't encourage people to "steal" code in order to advance in the project. While solving some problems, I discovered lots of thing about programming algorithms and maths, and I wish to share in my personal site these new knowledges.
If you plan about stealing my code and using it without understanding it, just to gain position, you can do that, but that number in the counter of solved problems will mean nothing.
Euler project was born for learning and bettering yourself, and the only one to lose something will be you.

News: first version of Syntax Sugar is out! (you can download it in the Codes section)
It's used for my codes.