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Welcome in my website!

IMPORTANT: this website is dead in favour of a new one powered by Github Pages. I will keep this around until I move all the important stuff there.

Who I am? My name is Lisa.

I am a regular geek. My main interests include Artificial Intelligence, especially Natural Language Processing, C++ and Qt development, and recently cryptography.

I have been a regular GNU/Linux user since 2004. I am currently a contributor for Chakra Linux, an independent KDE-centric distribution. I help with packaging and I am one of the main developers for Akabei, the new package manager for the distribution. Visit the website to know more about the project and the ongoing developments.

This website contains some work I have done during these years. The most important personal projects, excluding those related to Chakra, can be found on my Bitbucket page.

My non-computer interests include reading fantasy and science-fiction, baking, physics, and logic or math games.

Contact me at lisavitolo90 at gmail dot com.